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Current news on RHI
The world´s first financial incentive of its kind to revolutionise the way heat is generated and used in buildings has been launched by Energy Secretary Chris Huhne. Tell me more...

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Here you will find news and noteworthy information regarding energy, housing technology and redblue energy.

JUNG Docking station

JUNG presents a flush-mounted docking station with optimal space for your mp3-player, iPod or iPhone. Read more about it...

Sonos : music... everywhere

It is as simple as that. Beacause only Sonos makes it so easy to add music to your live – more details...

smart housing

In addition to comfort and safety, long-term sustainability, efficiency and flexibility are growing in importance in the private and commercial building field -  the JUNG KNX system.

JUNG - radio

Built-in listening pleasure - find out more about it...


"Know facts" about boilers

Homeowners are being urged to research the different types of boilers on offer before proceeding to invest in one - read more...


Microgeneration Certification Scheme - Update 2013

redblue energy UK Ltd. is an "approved MCS installer"! Read more about it...


   RHI Incentive

    Is your heating installation eligible for the governmental RHI scheme?
    Find out...