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The redblue butterfly. A company symbol with "green" connotation.

Admittedly, at first the proposal of our advertising agency to give our new, technologically-oriented company the symbol of a butterfly appeared somewhat strange to us. But we were soon able to reconcile with the idea. And for good reasons: First of all, butterflies evoke positive feelings in most people. We are not dealing with complex technology for its own sake, but rather because we want to bring a feeling of cosiness, comfort and a pleasant living environment to the homes of our customers.

At the same time, we have set ourselves a clear goal: We want a maximum of energy efficiency, thus not only saving money for our customers, but also contributing our share to the protection of the environment and climate. Together with our customers, who enjoy the comfort of modern heating and air-conditioning technology, we therefore fulfil the important responsibility towards the future of Planet Earth. The purpose of the redblue butterfly is to remind and spur us and our customers every day anew to strictly pursue this path and to never abandon further optimisation.
What symbol could be more appropriate than the "redblue butterfly"?

In case you are looking for the biologically correct name of our particular butterfly, we gladly admit that even amongst the 180,000 known species you will not find it. The beautiful colours of the butterfly have been edited using modern image retouching techniques to create our distinctive symbol. The butterfly friends amongst you will surely forgive us.

In case we have encouraged you to learn more about these wonderful creatures, we recommend the Encyclopaedia of Butterflies.