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Current news on RHI
The world´s first financial incentive of its kind to revolutionise the way heat is generated and used in buildings has been launched by Energy Secretary Chris Huhne. Tell me more...

Types of modules

Monocrystalline and polycrystalline modules

Monocrystalline modules are often jet black. Due to the way they are manufactured, the corners of the cells are missing, which means that the white sublayer is visible.

Polycrystalline modules often have a bluish shimmer and almost sparkle when in sunlight due to the uneven structure of the cells. Polycrystalline modules are very popular, because they are slightly cheaper than monocrystalline modules – despite having the same output.


CIS Thin-film modules

The CIS technology is considered a technology of the future in the photovoltaics industry and has great potential for further development. A differently doped copper-indium-diselenid (CuIuSei) cell replaces silicon as the semiconductor.